Weddings, Parties, Anything…

…or so it seems, this month. Ah, the wedding season. It’s a little nuts.

Thankfully, no bridezilla’s yet! In fact, not only have all my brides been incredibly well behaved but they have been a pleasure to photograph.

After a year’s worth of planning, Ashleigh and Nicky finally sealed their love for one another in a traditional Macedonian ceremony. It was testament to how lovely these two are that their combined families were all there to help celebrate the big day – from start to finish.

There are plenty more shots to share but they are for the bride only, I’m afraid. Oh, ok, I may as well show you some at a later date! LOL.

I’m off to do more editing – in the meantime, I am putting together a flyer for Pre Christmas Mini Photo sessions – stay tuned for those as the spots I have left are filling up fast!

Take care everyone,

Sares x


Wedding Season!

Ah, the beginning of Spring – some lovely warmer weather and the start of the chaos that makes up wedding season, LOL.

I have to say, as tiring as it is to look ahead and see the calendar so full, it’s absolutely WONDERFUL to be a part of a bride’s big day. Every family I meet makes me feel so welcome and like I am an honorary member for the day.

So, a couple of shoots to share with you –

First, Sue and her boys. A family photo shoot to celebrate Sue’s 50th birthday and to capture all the boys before they get married and disappear into the ether after leaving home.

Next set of shots I have to show you are the latest from Ashley and Nick’s wedding, coming up in October. A fortnight ago I was able to go along to Ashleigh’s Kitchen Tea and I am so glad I did! Take a look at this gorgeous setting!

See what I mean? The whole day was a riot of girly, pink, crazy, dressy women. I had a ball!

I’m off to do some more editing – just a reminder that if anyone is interested in getting their family together for a photo shoot before Christmas, I have a special going at the moment. Just send an email my way at and I will talk to you a bit more about it. For those of you who think they might not be able to afford it, I am very reasonable, trust me! You will not regret it 🙂

Love to all,

Sares x

The Borrows and Ashleigh & Nick…

 I have to remember to keep updating this blog with recent photo shoot images. During the first part of the year, I was so busy taking photos that I just plain ran out of time.

BUT here are a few shoots to tickle your fancy, hopefully:

Firstly, the Borrows and their gorgeous little bundles. It was wonderful to spend some time in their company and have the opportunity to take these photos for their family. Both kiddos so full of life and love – it was a delight!

Second shoot to share is the remainder of the engagement shoot between Ash and & Nik.

Our first shoot was a “Studio” set up similar to a 1940’s feel. We had costumes, bling, mood lighting, and great make-up and hair – not to forget two incredibly gorgeous models!




The second part of their engagement shoot was at a local riverbed I favour for it’s fantastic late afternoon light – and many thanks to the people who were trying to drive over the bridge and having to wait while we got out of the way, lol.




…and my favourite of the day…

So now I am heading off to Brisbane for the Scrapbooking and Papercraft Convention – wish me luck and love!

Take care all,

Sares x

These gorgeous little cherubs…

….provide the most wonderful photos. So squishy and so utterly snuggly. I was hooked! You may recall a Maternity photoshoot I did a few months ago – well these are the twins that popped out of mummy last month.

Meet Zach and Mia – aged 12 days……….



It’s such a priviledge to be able to photograph these babies – twins are not very common, are they?

Thankyou, Linda and your lovely family, for letting me be a part of your lives in this way. I hope you like them :).

Sares x

Elly Rose

Little Elly Rose was a gorgeous bundle of joy to photograph. At 14 weeks she has a calm and gentle character and she is blessed by two parents who adore her.

Here are some of the most recent happy snaps from that session:


I have a few other photo shoots tucked up my sleeve to show you – stay tuned!!

Sares xx


Flat Out and Having Fun

I havne’t posted an entry here for a while because I have had shoots coming out the Yin Yang LOL!

I have had 8 photo shoots in the last 3 weeks and I am loving every minute of it 🙂

Firstly, the lovely Wright family who I took photos of one sunny Sunday morning out at Walka.

Then there is Rachael and her gorgeous little boy, Matty.

Matty was a delight to photograph and here are some pics from our shoot:

Thanks guys for a lovely afternoon and evening!

Last, I have a few photos to share from a maternity shoot  I had last week. This is Linda – 32 weeks pregnant with twins and looking like an absolute goddess:

Is ther anything more beautiful than a happily pregnant woman? Thankyou, Linda, for allowing me to photograph you and your gorgeous kids – and good luck!

I’m off for some more editing – please don’t forget to let me know if you would like your family photos taken by contacting me on – I will be very happy to answer any questions you may have  🙂

Thanks for looking and have a great day everyone!

Sares x


Caroline and Family…

…here you are 🙂

I know it was a bit of an effort at times, but we made it! lol – and there are even a few good ones of the wild child in there, too.

These are some of the best ones taken on the day – you are a gorgeous bunch, aren’t you?











There’s quite a few more – but these ones really show you guys as you truly are 🙂

Thankyou for allowing me to photograph your gorgeous family Caz – I had a ball.

Sares  x

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